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It is the factory that makes minds and educates the future generations, and the main foundation in the advancement of peoples and their development, and the sole preparation of the engineer, doctor, commander, etc., by taking root the principles and values ​​of loyalty and belonging to this country and under his supervision and long struggle to reap people and states fruits in various fields there in the corridors of the school and its making The engineer and the inventor of your skill, teacher, who honored you the Koran before humans, and celebrated your holidays heaven before the earth, and increased your soil, which walk your dedication and creativity on the teacher is a cornerstone of the educational process, how many methods and developed The curriculum and books developed, the teacher remains the wave of the educational process and its leader. He has many important tasks. He transmits the knowledge heritage from one generation to the next, introduces different sciences and knowledge, he teaches values, virtues and ideals. - In addition to the administrative tasks in the affairs of running the classroom and the school - it directs, students and takes the hand of the defaulters, and nurtures the gifted and fortifies the generations with science and knowledge, and national culture, and instills in the emerging souls National values ​​and humanity - as well as its role in curriculum design, implementation, evaluation and evaluation of student performance - leads the systematic scientific research and instills its first seed. The role of the teacher is important in this age, the era of scientific and civilization challenges and modern technological discoveries. It makes the school environment exciting, stimulating and learning. Students acquire knowledge and knowledge to compete with and integrate media and media.